Vestnik 13, a publication of Structura, in conversation with Maria Vessileva on These in-between worlds that occupy my being, Nov. 29 – Dec. 31at Structura Gallery - 2022

Interview at Jegens & Tevens by Bob van der Sterre, looking back on the past C-year. Read the full article (in Dutch) here.

Towards Possible Futures – About Becoming The Other, Our contribution to Schloss-Post, the open platform of Akademie Schloss Solitude in the run-up to the Soft Power Palace Festival where we will be present with Æther.

October 2018

DOs & DONTs, by Stefka Tsaneva, Review on "On Track" Mai 19 - June 10 at Æther (Bulgarian), May 2018

BNT (BG TV) Kultura, item on These in-Between worlds (…) at Structura Gallery, in conversation with Maria Vassileva - Dec. 2022

Виж! (Look!) София, Report on Sofia Art Week 2020

"Revolutia", Tele-doc by Silviya Stanoeva and Andrey Volkashin on The Revolution will not die with Us, during the making of episode 2, Robotic thought, a long term project in collaboration with Voin de Voin.

Part of the series "Atelié" broadcasted on (BNT) by Alma Mater tv. (EN/BG) 2018

Bulgarian National Radio + text on 0GMS gallery, a project of Ivan Moudov - 2018

Listen here or put it in Google translate (all in Bulgarian).

BNR Horizont (BG Radio) Conversation with Irina Nedeva on These in-between worlds (…)

Dec. 2022

Jegens&Tevens, Æxchange Sofia-Haga. Report on two exhibitions as part of Æther's Æxchange project, June 2019

Kultura (page 4), Bulgaria's national magazine on art, review on "On Track" Mai 19 - June 10 at Æther by Kiril Vasilev. Pagina 4 (Bulgarian) July 2018

Jegens & Tevens, "New in town: Æther Haga", Foto report of Æther Haga's opening by Connie van Driel

Jegens&Tevens: "The Revolution will not die with Us", Report / summary of my project and activities in Bulgaria Nov. 2017 - March 2018

Jegens & Tevens, "Nouvelles Images legt bloot / Koubâa, Teeken, Van den Toorn en Civikov", Nathalie van der Lely over Revealing, Oktober 2017, Nouvelles Images.

dec. 2017 - Bulgarian National Television, Item on Robotniceska Misal / Robotic Thought. Click here to watch, again all in Bulgarian, but also for non-BG-speakers with nice footage of our installation.

Villa Next Door, Albertus Pieters over Revealing, galerie Nouvelles Images, 2017