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Soft Power Palace


27. October 2018 - 11. November 2018 with Æther we'll investigate the idea of the ethics of "The Other" as part of Soft Power Palace in Kunstgebäude Stuttgart.


Do art spaces and artistic initiatives have social and political power? How do they influence their city, their region — or maybe even European thinking more broadly?

In collaboration with the other partners of the Kunstgebäude network, Akademie Schloss Solitude invites the European community to a cultural exchange program unlike anything seen in Stuttgart before: Under the title Soft Power Palace — Festival about Independent Art Spaces in Europe five artistic initiatives, from five European cities, will be working in a publicly visible process on perspectives about trans-European cultural exchange. During a two week »laboratory«, the artistic initiatives will be working in an open studio, to enable everyone to engage in conversations with the attendees. Each day will conclude with a feature event on the open stage.


The open studios will lead up to a three-day festival, which will include exhibitions, presentations and performances by the artists, a panel discussion, and an open dialog with the Stuttgart community. The mission of the festival aims to highlight the relevance of these kind of self-organized, independent carriers of culture, in addition to their transnational connections.


October 29 to November 7, 2018, daily from 7 pm


> Kunstgebäude Stuttgart, Schlossplatz 2


November 8 to 11, 2018


> Kunstgebäude Stuttgart, Schlossplatz 2


More information:

Soft Power Palace

Akademie Schloss Solitude

Schloss Post

Opening reception Æther Haga

Friday October 5, 19:00 h.

Saturday October 6, 14:00 – 17:00 h.

Denneweg 26, Den Haag


>>> pictures below >>>


On 5 and 6 October 2018 Aether Haga will open her doors in The Hague for the first time. Occasionally it will present a selection of artists and will unfold proposals of what intersects along the east/west trajectory based on the already started dialogues at the eastern point.

Within this the project strives to make a more physical bond between the continental linear directions, its psycho-geographic potentiality and a bridge less faible, built upon sharing, discussion and exchange. It is seeking to expose links and affects of lifetime traces of a generation lived under different conditions, this time coming together in quest to confide a new state of value and content through art and innovative practices.

Æther Haga will focus on research, context and the background of both artists and subjects.

Æther Haga is a sibling of Æther Sofia that speaks a language vibrating and resonating in the morphic field, that in its virtue can make land appear closer than its actual physical properties.


Friday October 5 at 19:00 h.

•An introduction to “ReForget your past”, a project initiated by Nikola Mihov. Nikola Mihov was born in 1982 in Sofia. His first photobook Forget Your Past (2012) was listed among the best photobooks of the year by The British Journal of Photography, reviewed in FOAM magazine and nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography prize.

Since 2009 he has been investigating the hundreds of monuments in public space in Bulgaria from the communist era, some of which have since been removed. He is now working on a third edition of "Forget your past". A number of remaining copies of the first edition have been edited by artists from Bulgaria and abroad. From this follow-up project, "ReForget your past", some thirty works of art have currently emerged, each with its own vision on this sensitive and underexposed subject from recent history.



•Patricia Qi – PQI (1987) is an artist exploring (anti)functionality of word and speech in language through writing, installation and performance art from The Netherlands. We met her in Sofia where she, encountering the city, created a textual contribution to Æther’s publication/self-guide to “Becoming the Other”. At the event she will perform some of her recent work.

Patricia Qi studied European Studies (BA - The Hague), and EURUS studies (MA - Tartu) in The Netherlands and Estonia. She currently pursues work as an artist/writer.


•Desislava Pancheva is founder and the thriving force of KONTENTIVE and Hip Hip Library. KONTENTIVE is a creative studio & micro-publisher based in Sofia. It’s an evolving collective of collaborators that designs printed matter, digital products and websites.

Hip Hip library is a library and bookstore devoted to independent publications and self-publishing in the world of art: fanzines, periodical publications, comics, art- and photo books from all over the world. It’s specialized in artist editions and artist books. Desislava also is the initiator of the Sofia Art Book Fair, an annual event since 2016.



•Camera obscura accumulative group portrait

As an opening ritual we’d like to catch Æther Haga’s light with you.


Saturday October 6 opening from 14:00 – 17:00

•Camera obscura accumulative group portrait


On Track solo show at Æther Sofia (BG), May 19 - June 10

Opening May 19 at 19:00


Æther Art Space

ul. "Knyaz Boris I" 39, 1463 Sofia

Open: thursday- saturday 14:00 - 19:00 h.


"The title "On Track" firstly refers to the fact that this project is (and maybe will stay) in an intermediate phase of a longer-running research, secondly to the amount of media on which Panayot Civikov and others memorized his memoirs a.o. cassette tapes, and finally to the place where it all began; at the edge of the railway in Ruse."

Hot off the press:

For my current show at Æther in Sofia "On Track", which is based on my Bulgarian family history I made these Linocut prints in a limited edition of 40 + 2 a/p. Portrayed is my grandfather Panayot Civikov. The original picture was taken by the police in 1933 when they accused Panayot of writing and publishing a seditious article (on police violence).


The prints, numbered and signed, are for sale for €60,-. This includes VAT and shipping in NL. As a bonus you'll receive the publication "On Track", a small booklet containing an overview of the works on show and a bit more contextual information with an added family map and documentation of some archive material.

In Bulgaria/Sofia the prints are for sale at Æther á Lv 100,-

With getting your hands on this original piece you're not only doing yourself a favor. Beside the artist (me), you're supporting the most independent art space with an outstanding program in Sofia; Æther.


Specifications: Multi color oil based linocut print on 250g acid free natural colored paper with an acrylic underpainting. Size is A4.

Although it's an edition of 40, each print is a bit different because of the underlying painting and the use of multiple colors on one plate. 11 are printed in red/brown and 29 in pink/brown.


When catching sunlight the anarchist sign pops out, which is best visible on the picture of the red print but the pink one shines the same. This sign wasn't used yet in the time my grandfather was active; it's a contemporary addition.


Send me a message if you're interested!

Atelie: Revolutia

Silviya Stanoeva and Andrey Volkashin made this beautiful document on our project The Revolution will not die with Us, around the making of episode 2, Robotic thought, a long term project in collaboration with Voin de Voin.

Despina Panagiotopoulou speaks in this context about the situation in her hometown Athens, the Balkans and identity.

Broadcasted April 29 2018 as part of the series "Atelié" on National Bularian Television (BNT) by Alma Mater tv.


The Revolution Will Not Die With Us #3 - You have seen me in your sleep - In cooperation with Andrew Fremont-Smith

March 17, 21:30, Ground Festival, location Ruimtevaart Den Haag, Hoge Zand 42


The Revolution Will Not Die With Us is a series of works in collaboration with Voin de Voin based on parallels in our family history in which, almost a century ago, our ancestors stood up against the (upcoming) fascism in Bulgaria and abroad. Each work, all performative until now, explores a phase in our journey from past to present in which we slowly let go the heritage of our ancestors, the archive they left us, by transforming it into our own voice.

The Revolution Will Not Die With Us #2 - Robotniceska Misal / Robotic Thought - 13 December - 4 February, Sofia City Art Gallery (BG)


A performance with Voin de Voin & Marie Civikov, December 13

Installation on display until February 4 as part of Shifting Layers


14.12.2017 – 04.02.2018

Opening: 13-12 at 18:00

Curated by Vladiya Mihaylova

Photo's: Kalin Serapionov, courtesy Sofia City Art Gallery

0GMS Gallery in a Drawer, a project of Ivan Moudov, Sofia City Art Gallery (BG), January 12 - February 4


0gms is an initiative of the artists Steven Guermeur, Ivan Moudov and Kamen Stoyanov. The figure “0” in the name of the gallery comes as a strategy of presentation, making possible the gallery to be the first in each list in art fairs, biennials or other art platforms.


One form of existence of the gallery 0gms is as a gallery in a drawer following an idea of the artist Ivan Moudov. In May 2010 the first 0gms gallery opened in one of the drawers in the kitchen of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia. Shortly after that 0gms appeared in a drawer in the shop of Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich, and also in the frames of different events and exhibitions in a.o. Vienna, Nagoya, Jakartav and Rotterdam.


Parallel to the exhibition Shifting Layers at the Sofia City Art Gallery I contributed with a work in a drawer related to my/our project Traces of my Bulgarian anarchist grandfather / Robotic Thoughts (see above). curated by Vladiya Mihaylova

soul vibration radiation

October 21 - 25 November 2017 - Revealing, Galerie Nouvelles Images, The Hague


In The Hague, a preview of my "traces" project will be on display together with other (recent) works in "Revealing", a group show at Galerie Nouvelles Images, accompanied by work of Omar Koubaa, Toon Teeken and Joost van den Toorn.

The revolution will not die with us #1, October 27 Ruse Art Gallery (Ruse BG)


The revolution will not die with us is a performance in search of parallels in our family histories, featuring Voin de Voin, his great grandmother Anna Voinova, my grandfather Panayotov Civikov and me. The apotheosis will take place October 28 as the opening of the Biennial of Miniatures (how a small gesture can be great, to fit in the theme..) in Civikov-ancestor hometown Ruse.


11 t/m 15 September 2017 - Stroom Invest Week


Public evening of talks 'What does it mean to make art public?'

Wednesday 13 September 2017, 20:00 - 21:30 hrs

Location: Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9


Very delighted I am Stroom Den Haag supports my project Traces of my Bulgarian anarchist grandfather with a PRO Premium grant.

It's aim is to support artists with a busy and active artistic practice. The grant enables artists to develop their work, among other things through their active involvement in The Hague's art world.


The annual Stroom Invest Week offers of a program of studio visits, a public evening of talks, visits to places for contemporary art in The Hague and a number of informal meetings. The goal of the Invest program is to stimulate their artistisc practice by reflecting on the work and giving the artists the opportunity to build a national and international network.



Stroom Invest Week

Public talk

23 juni t/m 16 juli 2017 - Unrelated I until now, Kutscherhaus Recklinghausen - Opening: 23 juni 19:00

22 mei t/m 11 juni 2017 - Encounter with the unknown, Kunstruimte Willem Twee, Den Bosch




maandag t/m vrijdag: 9.00 – 18.00 uur

zaterdag en zondag: 11.00 – 17.00 uur


Boschdijkstraat 100, Den Bosch


Meer informatie vind je h i e r.


5 februari t/m 9 april 2017, Studio Seine Rotterdam. Opening: 5 februari 15:00 u - ??? - groepstentoonstelling waarin de twijfel centraal staat -


Langzaam is de wereld ingekapseld geraakt door het economisch bestel. De waarde van alles moet meetbaar gemaakt worden. Ook de ooit zo vrije, chaotische, geëngageerde, zoekende, ontregelende en frivole kunst moet eraan geloven. Het kunstonderwijs is gedwongen met targets gaan werken, subsidieaanvragen dienen van uitgebreide statements en uitgewerkte plannen te worden voorzien en de kunstmarkt vraagt om een super pitch. Alle intuïtie moet verklaard worden en twijfel is ontoelaatbaar. Reden voor Justin Wijers en Kim Hospers eenntentoonstelling samen te stellen die alle ruimte biedt tot twijfelen.


Samengesteld door: Justin Wijers en Kim Hospers

Met werk van:

Han Hoogerbrugge / Frans van Lent / Anouk Griffioen / Abner Preis / Marie Civikov / Willem Besselink / Niels Post / Kim Hospers / Justin Wijers



Adres: Mathenesserdijk 323A Rotterdam

Studio Seine is tijdens tentoonstellingen geopend op zondag, maandag en dinsdag van 13.00 - 17.00 uur en op afspraak.


vrijdag 13 januari 2017 - 18.30 - 20.30 u TENT Rotterdam - Veiling De Aanschouw / Auction De Aanschouw


On Friday 13 January from 18:30 to 20:30, De Aanschouw’s notorious annual auction takes place in the TENT gym. Thirty works by contemporary artists, photographers, and designers including Olphaert den Otter, Anouk Griffioen, Kuin Heuff, Willem Besselink, and Marie Civikov are auctioned this evening. Auctioneer Daan den Houter shall ensure the auction runs smoothly. For an overview of the work, the viewing days, and additional information, visit http://veilingdeaanschouw.nl/


Since 2001, De Aanschouw art platform organises weekly changing exhibits in the window vitrine of the Café De Schouw on Witte de Withstraat 80. Every Thursday at 21.00, a Rotterdam artist replaces the exhibited work with a new work. From a range of creative disciplines, the participants interpret the meaning that this vitrine in public space has for them. For an overview of the more than 800 works already shown in De Schouw’s vitrine, visit http://aanschouw.nl/


De Aanschouw is funded by the auction’s proceeds and maintained by the enthusiasm of its organisers, curators, photographers, and artists.


Check the visual report at Trendbeheer.

"it's ok being human" - 2016 - multiple of 15 (+ 3 x artist print). Oil based 2 color Linocut, All with a different acrylic underpainting which makes them all unique. Printed on linen (unstretched). Size: ± 34 x 23 cm.

open ateliers Den Haag - 1 & 2 oktober


Op 1 en 2 oktober was mijn atelier geopend voor publiek en liet ik (de ontwikkelingen van) mijn nieuwste werk zien.


Kees Koomen maakte voor zijn blog een beeldverslag; bekijk het hier.

Torenkamerfestival 8 - 24 juli 2016


Ruim 50 kunstenaars hebben het afgelopen jaar een kunstwerk gemaakt in De Torenkamer van het AVROTROS-programma Opium, dat uitgezonden wordt op NPO Radio 4. Alle kunstwerken zijn door curator Martijn Nekoui, oprichter van creatief collectief MOAM Amsterdam, samengebracht in een tentoonstelling.


De expositie wordt op vrijdag 8 juli om 18:00 uur feestelijk geopend op het bordes van VondelCS.

De expositie is tot en met 24 juli gratis te bezoeken.

Maandag t/m vrijdag: 12:00 – 00:00 uur

Weekend: 10:00 – 18:00 uur



Vondelpark 3

1071 AA Amsterdam



In aanloop naar het Torenkamerfestival blikte de redactie van VondelCS met mij terug op mijn verblijf in de Torenkamer.

Klik op onderstaande foto om het interview te lezen.


This Art Fair 29 december - 3 januari 2016 - Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

This Art Fair 29 december - 3 januari 2016 - Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam


Visit me at This Art Fair. You'll find me at booth zero --> check the map below.



Tuesday 29 December 2015 15:00-18:00 VIP and Press Preview (invitation only)

18:00-21:00 Opening night This Art Fair (invitation only)

Wednesday 29/12/15 11.00 - 19.00

Thursday 31/12/15 11.00 - 17.00

Friday 01/01/16 closed

Saturday 02/01/16 11.00 - 19.00

Sunday 03/01/16 11.00 - 19.00



More info h e r e.

Size Matters / we like art! - TETEM Kunstruimte, Enschede

3 december t/m 6 februari


Opening 3 december 17:00 uur


Meer info vind je h i e r.


Een verslag van de opening vind je h i e r.

BLIND DATE (het vervolg), een expositie van 4 uur - dinsdag 22 december 2015


- 100 kunstenaars tonen één werk op papier, max A3

- deze werken worden anoniem gepresenteerd

- alle werken hebben een eenheidsprijs van € 150,-


- 22 december 17.00 - 21.00 uur, Dapiran Art Project Space - Springweg 59, Utrecht



Depot Algemene Kunst

Een initiatief van Chantal Breukers en Jans Muskee

open ateliers Den Haag - 3 & 4 oktober


Het weekend van 3 & 4 oktober zijn ruim 65 ateliers in de binnenstad van Den Haag geopend voor publiek.


Adres: Nieuwe Molstraat 14 - Den Haag




De Torenkamer - Opium radio op 4 (AVRO) - 15 t/m 19 juni 2015


In juni werkte ik een week in De Torenkamer.

In De Torenkamer van VondelCS wordt wekelijks een jonge kunstenaar 'opgesloten' om, niet afgeleid door dagelijkse prikkels, te werken aan een nieuw werk of project. Er is dagelijks contact met de kunstenaar in de uitzending van Opium op 4 en op vrijdag haalt Hans Smit de kunstenaar op uit De Torenkamer en wordt het resultaat tijdens de live-uitzending gepresenteerd.


De ontwikkelingen volgen op het blog en het beluisteren van de afleveringen kan via deze link.

Dichtkunstkrant 2015


The Dichtkunstkrant (Art and Poetry Journal), founded in 2011/2012 by artist Efrat Zehavi and poet Florimond Wassenaar, is a magazine about poetry, art and current events that is published once a year.


The magazine is available for free at number of cultural spots in Amsterdam and Rotterdam or you can download a copy in PDF here: Dichtkunstkrant 2015


This years issue includes contributions of Matthias Pauwels, Ana Roelofs, Anne Vegter, Pam Emmerik, Gijs Assman, Martijn Benders, Merlotte Snavelpaard, Marie Civikov, Ronald Ophuis, Edda Grol, Joost Veerkamp, Jante Wortel, Roee Rosen, Leen Pil, Marianne Peijnenburg, Florimond Wassenaar, Efrat Zehavi, Maarten van der Graaff, Paul van der Eerden, David Troch, Dror Karta, Wibo Kosters and Kim Hospers.



Art in Redlight #10 27 - 30 december 2014


Visit me at Art in Redlight art fair. I'll be showing new works.

You can find me at booth 17 next to my friends V&B and Daan Den Houter


Art in Redlight - 10th Independent Art Fair

27 - 30 December 2014


Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, Amsterdam

Open: 11:00 - 19:00 hrs

Opening reception: December 27, 17:00 - 21:00 hrs


Click here for the list of participating artists

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

BLIND DATE, een expositie van 4 uur - 11 december 2014


- meer dan 80 kunstenaars tonen één werk op papier, max A3

- deze werken worden anoniem gepresenteerd

- alle werken hebben een eenheidsprijs van € 150,-


- 11 december 17.00 - 21.00 uur, Schoutenstraat 10, Utrecht



Depot Algemene Kunst

Een initiatief van Chantal Breukers en Jans Muskee

I am not doing Anything Until I Feel The Need, a project by Joanneke Meester



Joanneke Meester reflects on the necessity of the things we tend to impose on ourselves and one another in everyday life. In search of something to go by, she formulated the statement ‘I am not doing anything until I feel the need’. Meester invited 365 artists to convert their personal interpretations of the statement into an image for inclusion in a daily calendar, designed to confront users day in, day out with the mantra ‘I am not doing anything until I feel the need’.

This conceptual and collaborative artwork will be available in bookshops and museum shops in the Netherlands and Belgium from September 2014 and can be ordered online via: http://www.bekkingblitz.com


Related exhibitions: I am not doing anything until I feel the need. The exhibitions presents an overview of almost all original works that were included in the calendar.

17 oct – 28 nov. 2014, De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam.

7 nov – 7 jan. 2014, OBA (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam)


Related events: I am not doing anything until I feel the need

23 october 2014, W139, From borders of Perception to Destination: Unknown. Initiated by Sam Samiee. http://www.W139.nl


Click here for the list of participating artists

Bad Times New Religion


20 oktober t/m 17 november 2013 - Galerie Maurits van de Laar Den Haag


Re: Rotterdam Art Fair - 10-6 februari 2013


As the name suggests Re:Rotterdam, is a reply/response/reaction to certain practices within the art. It is a re-ordering of the art fair/market and the establishments surrounding them.


A re-focusing.


As such the Re:Rotterdam is the fourth in a series of side events which will act as a counter-point to other more established events. Bringing vitality, and daring back into the fold.

13 november - 2 december 2012

Groot Grafiek - CBK Rotterdam


In 2011-2012 nam ik deel aan het project Groot Grafiek, opgezet door het CBK Rotterdam en in samenwerking met Grafisch Atelier Daglicht in Eindhoven. Voor dit project is vier verschillende kunstenaars gevraagd te experimenteren met grafische technieken op groot formaat. De resultaten zijn in oktober te zien geweest tijdens The International Triennial of Contemporary Graphic Arts in Novosibirsk (Ru) en worden in november 2012 gepresenteerd in het CBK Rotterdam.

International Triennial of Contemporary Graphic Arts - Novosibirsk (Ru) / GrafischAtelier Daglicht- Eindhoven

30 mei - 14 oktober 2012

ACQUISITION Rotterdam University Art Collection - Kunsthal Rotterdam


In honour of Rotterdam University's 25th anniversary, the Kunsthal is exhibiting a wide selection of works from the university's art collection. The collection of artworks is highly diverse and typical of the bold purchases made over the years for the university's main locations. The exhibition marks two decades of art collecting with an eye for dark romanticism and the unorthodox. Works by up-and-coming talents such as Koen Taselaar and Barbara Helmer are exhibited alongside those by established artists including Vanessa JanePhaff and Jos van Merendonk.

The Rotterdam University art collection consists of a hundred-plus works by over eighty artists, almost all of whom earned their professional spurs as students or teachers at the Willem de Kooning Academy. The exhibition comprises works by 44 different artists and are all highly diverse in theme, technique, medium and format. The exhibition starts with a small but compelling triptych on paper by Henri Jacobs. This is the first work in the collection and was purchased in 1995. Opposite this work is the most recent purchase dating from December 2011, a large, exuberant triptych on canvas by Royal Laureate Marie Civikov. The exhibition examines the various similarities between the works, from abstract and exploratory paintings by Maarten Janssen and Ronald de Bloeme to the refined drawings of Juul Kraijer and Sarah van der Pols showing the fragility of humankind and desolate cityscapes by Hans Wilschut and Edwin Zwakman.

Plastic - 200 x 290 cm. - 2011

Overschilderschilderij, een project van Daan den Houter

Te zien geweest t/m 13 januari 2012 en daarna nooit meer:


Laag 83 van het Overschilderschilderij, een project van Daan den Houter en Frank Taal/De Aanschouw Voor het werk Overschilderschilderij nodigt Daan den Houter kunstschilders uit om op hetzelfde canvas een olieverf schilderij te maken. Elk werk wordt 1 week getoond in De Aanschouw, dit is de enige tijd dat het schilderij te bezichtigen is, daarna gaat het canvas naar een volgende schilder voor een nieuwe laag.

Royal Award for Modern Painting - Royal Palace Amsterdam - 2011

Every Picture Tells A Story - TENT Rotterdam - 24.02.2011 - 10.04.2011


In Every Picture Tells A Story staat de herontdekking van schilderkunst als ‘nieuw medium’ in het digitale tijdperk centraal. Narrativiteit en reproduceerbaarheid zijn de fundamenten waar het digitale tijdperk op is gebouwd. Het bewegend beeld wordt oneindig herhaald op het internet, YouTube, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Ebook. En toch lijkt een groot aantal kunstenaars juist nu opnieuw gegrepen door het schilderen, door het unieke en onherhaalbare moment waarop de verf het doek raakt.

Painting a person, painting a place - g i s t galerie Amsterdam - februari 2011

Groupshow together with Andrea Freckmann, Miranda Cleary and Maurice Thomassen

Royal Award for Modern Painting - Royal Palace Amsterdam - 2010

In the flesh - DEK 22 Rotterdam - 2010

Royal Award for Modern Painting - Royal Palace Amsterdam - 2009

Week van de Waanzin - Atelier op locatie - Ro Theater - Rotterdamse Schouwburg - 2009

Buning Brongers Prijzen - Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam - 2004